Finding builders in Hampstead Heath NW3 London can be tricky, especially reputable builders!

Building contractors who are reliable and demand a high level of finish from their team are a rare commodity. Luckily the Hayward Construction team travel and cover most of London, the South West and down to the coast!


Builders Hampstead Heath NW3
Builders Hampstead Heath NW3


We are so thankful we went with Hayward Construction. Philip he has gone above and beyond helping us create the home we designed. Coming up with solutions when all other experts had run out of ideas. He accommodated all our on trend ideas and multiple changes for us to achieve our perfection. He has been the contractor for 4 different friends as well as some of my family members so we all highly recommend him. His attention to detail is second to none and thankfully he constantly cleans up throughout each phase of the job.

M.J.B - Cressy Road

When you find a good builder? Hang on tightly! Only carefully sharing with selected family and friends! This is part of the story from our latest clients and their full home refurbishment in Hampstead Heath.

See how the Hayward Construction team have spent the last 10 months working on a complete home refurbishment and an external refurbishment on two lovely properties in Hampstead Heath NW3 London.

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Full home refurbishment in Cressy Road

Last few snags to finish! Job Progress 98%
Cressy Road Hampstead Heath

Exterior refurbishment in Downshire Hill

Just passed half way! Job Progress 55%
Downshire Hill Hampstead Heath Exterior

Full home refurbishment in Cressy Road

Job Progress – Last few snags to finish 98%

Exterior refurbishment in Downshire Hill

Job Progress – Just passed half way 55%