Project Description

Cressy Road Hampstead Heath

Cressy Road Hampstead Heath

Cressy Road Hampstead Heath – Full Refurb

Project Type ▪ Residential Full Refurbishment

Architect/Designer ▪ Hayward Construction

Structural Engineer ▪ Ray Green

Project Manager ▪ Hayward Construction – Philip Hayward

Duration ▪ 10 Months

Project Notes ▪ The architects plans for the new glass roof in the hallway along the kitchen, wanted by the clients to provide as much light into the kitchen as possible. Sadly lacking, all the designs the architect and the various glass suppliers provided for the frame work to hold this expanse of glass, in Philip´s opinion, failed on the main point of light entry. All the designs were both vastly expensive and poorly maximised the light entry, due to the substantial frame work required to hold such a piece of glass. After months of discussions and searching through suppliers Philip finally found a supplier who could make his own unique hidden frame design. Dramatically reducing the costs for the client and maxing out the entire space to be glass and not half enclosed off by the framework. As you can see in the photos below (click to expand), the entire ceiling is basically glass. Amazing!

Refurbishment included;

  • Extensive rip-out

  • New structural steels

  • Managing all Structural, Design and Build

  • Remove hallway wall

  • New glass roof at rear

  • New designer kitchen and bar

  • Three new bathrooms

  • Internal alterations

  • New Aurora lighting system

  • Bifold at rear

  • New decorations throughout

  • New Flooring throughout

  • Wall and floor tiling

  • Rear Landscaping Patio & Garden